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This community was created in an effort to keep political discussions away from the general UCD Aggies (ucdavis) community, so that those who care about politics have their own forum, and those that want to beat us with a stick don't have to put up with us hogging posts on ucdavis.

The creator of this community believes that DISCUSSION and DISSENT are BASIC AMERICAN RIGHTS. No post will be censored, no anonymous user blocked. While I cannot control actions of individual posters, I ask that everyone use decency and decorum when posting. This is not the place to flame those who do not agree with your political opinions - this is a place, however, to argue your opinion, and to back it up with facts. When at all possible, PLEASE use links to articles or transcripts to back up the facts of your argument, so that we can discuss the facts.

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To keep things from being cluttered and redundant, please don't cross-post (post to multiple communities) unless absolutely necessary, because people will often belong to more than one community and will have to read your post multiple times.